Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Hellish Past 6 days

I know I havent posted in a few day well lets try a week!
Ive been with my next to yougest daughter.
Katelynn last Wednesday started to complain of pain in her tummy well about an hour later she doibled over in the back yard and couldnt stand up straight.She was in serious pain and I rushed her to the ER.
Well the doctor that was there mind you just took an X ray of her tummy and said she was fine.My doctor then came in and thank God admited her so he could keep an eye on her over the next 48 hours.
Well Friday came and he thought maybe she had some infection out her on an antibiotic and sent us home that morning.
Well Saturday late afternoon she doubled over again and was screaming and crying so I called the medic to come and rush her to the ER so we wouldnt have to wait cause Wednesday we ended up waiting for her to be seen for over 6 hours.Which let me tell you Pi@@ed me off to no end.
Well they took her right back when we got there admited her right away and ran tests.They did a CAT scan,took Blood and really did a work up on her.Guess what they found?? NOTHING!
So she stayed until Monday morning we brought her home.The pain was bad enough they kept her hopped up on Morphine for a few days.Well she still hurts but now my doc thinks she may have some type of food allergy and she has an appt on Friday.Ive been VERY careful what Ive been feeding her and letting her drink.So I guess now we have to wait and see what goes on on Friday.Ugh!
So thats why I havent been posting or getting kits together.
I should have a few freebies for ya by the end of this week.