Friday, May 22, 2009

Now Making Custom Blogs!!!

My Custom Blog Designs are made to orderand each one is unique and ordered to your specifics and liking.They are made exactly how you want them to be made so you will never find anyone else with the exact same blog as you!!!
To Top It off all of the below Im only chargin $5.00 to do!!!!!

The Service Includes:

1. A Custom made to order Blog background layout,header, and column headers.

2. I will make these with the Scrap Kit or Graphic of your choice and then zip then in a file and E-mail them to you.

3.I will also image host them and install everything on your blog if you perfer.
To see any of the Blogs Ive done please see my Portfolio off to the side--->
Or you can also E-mail me at and I can send you an example.

To Purchase see any of the stores I sell at off
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MemoryKeeper Wednesday, June 17, 2009 at 7:42:00 PM EDT  

YOUR BLOG ROCKS! Your blog is awesome! Thanks for stopping by my blog and being a follower...super sweet of you!

I have new lessons each day this week, so be on the lookout!

Here’s to more happy scrapping, and
Hugs from the heart,

Come scrap your blog with me…
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