Friday, July 25, 2008

Its Been Awhile

Well its been it seems like
Ive been so busy we had our dining room redone and had to have the cable company come in and rewire my internet in my dining room so I was without internet for about 3 weeks.
Let me tell you it was tourture.
Ive been on a tutorial writing roll the past week and have some new tutorials up and ready at Red Cherry Tuts just clikc on Tuts then accept the TOU and click on Rach to see my newest tutorials.
Im in the middle of writing a few new tutorials and am hoping to have them up this weekend.I'll post them on my blog with the link soon as there up with a preview.
Im going to try and start making kits this weekend as well or at least try and offer some elements if I can.Im really new to making scrap kits and am thinking if Photoshop or PSP is the way to go.If ya have any ideas please let me know.You can E-mail me